Financial Advisor

At First Security Financial Wealth Management, our job isn’t just to manage money. We also educate our clients about finances. The education that we provide to our clients helps them with one of the most important aspects of being in the markets – emotional control! Investing is mostly getting into a company, holding it, and being patient. Naturally, there will be ups and downs, but you hold on if it’s a good company. Still, this can be extremely difficult for people!

The emotions of having your money on the line are not easy to deal with! They can be especially hard to deal with if you don’t know how financial markets work. That is why our financial advisors take the time to educate our clients. At First Security Financial Wealth Management, we are not your ordinary financial advisors in Destrehan, LA – we are often our clients’ therapists, too!

We are the Quarterbacks of Our Clients’ Finances

Think of our financial advisors as quarterbacks for your finances. Finances get tricky. For example, laws are constantly changing, and just staying up-to-speed on these changes can be a daunting task. Our financial advisors are wealth managers who keep an eye on everything for our clients. We stay on top of things so that they don’t have to. For example, if some tax law changes, and you would be better served by having your money split across two properties instead of one, we will know about this and alert you to it so that you can protect your money.

Also, when it comes to tax strategies, estate planning, accounting, etc., you need help! You can’t do it all on your own! Even if you are an experienced trader and investor, you probably don’t have time to keep up with all of these different aspects of finances. This is where having a good and trusted financial advisor/wealth manager can help. Again, if you are looking for a financial advisor in Destrehan, LA, First Security Financial Wealth Management would love to help.

Should I Hire a Financial Advisor or Just Learn it All Myself?

The best advice that we can give to someone who is asking this question is to educate yourself enough so that you know how to pick a good financial advisor. In a lot of instances, you’ll wind up getting fleeced if you don’t know anything! You need to know the basics about finances so that you don’t get screwed over. Of course, you could just go with the safe bet – First Security Financial Wealth Management!

To be sure; there are some people who use financial advisors, and there are some who do everything themselves. Likewise, there are some who do both. For the average person, finding a financial advisor that they can trust is going to be their best bet – by far! Unless you want to do it professionally as a career, or if you want to take it on as a serious hobby – to the point that you become basically semi-professional – you should not be swinging large amounts of your money in the markets on your own.