Financial Advisor

A financial planner from First Security Financial Wealth Manager can help you to do the things that are difficult for you to do on your own. For example, if you had a personal trainer, your personal trainer would be the one yelling, “Ten more reps” when you feel like quitting, pushing you to reach your goals, no more how uncomfortable it makes you. Likewise, if you have someone who is helping you with your diet, they are the one who is going to be counting your calories and saying, “No. You can’t eat that much.” What’s the point?

Changing behaviors can be incredibly difficult for an adult who is set in his or her ways, and a financial planner is someone who can help you change the behaviors that you need to change. This is one of the biggest benefits of partnering with First Security Financial Wealth Manager. Choose our firm to be your financial advisor in Kenner, LA.

How Do We Help Our Clients Reach Their Financial Goals?

Sometimes, our clients say, “Here are my goals,” and we say, “Okay. How are we going to get to those goals?” We help them to set up a plan and hold their feet to the fire, saying, “If you’re going to meet those goals, here are the things that you need to do to get there.”
Indeed, one of the most important things that a financial advisor can do is to be with a family, helping them to do what will allow them to meet their goals and to avoid that which will not. Also, families often don’t know how far to push it. For example, they are not sure how much money they need to be saving each year. If they are retired, they might not know how much money they can afford to spend each year.

What Kind of Clients Do Our Financial Advisors Assist?

A lot of our clients are what we would call super-savers, meaning that they are very frugal, and that’s usually how they have amassed their wealth. Then, they make it to retirement, and they don’t know how much they can afford to spend each year. First Security Financial Wealth Manager can help people like this by showing them how much they can actually afford to spend. If they are a super-saver, then they’re not easily going to change their values or penny-pinching behaviors. By learning that you could spend an extra $10k a year and still have money until you are 100 is a nice thing to know!

Sometimes, it’s the opposite scenario. For example, we may have a client who makes $200k a year, but they spend every dime of it. They have a $200k/year lifestyle, and they have only amassed $1.2 million by the time they are close to retirement. That’s only enough money to carry a person with such a lifestyle for six years. In cases like these, we can either help the client to see where they either need to work longer, save more, or else cut back on their expectations in retirement.